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New hard drive - Speakers don't work

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    I recently installed a new hard drive as my old one was damaged. I couldn't retrieve anything from my old hard drive so I had lost some items of software (for example, I had to buy a new webcam as I no longer had the driver for my old one).
    However, for some reason my speakers do not work with my new hard drive. They don't need a driver, do they? I don't remember installing one when I first bought them.
    Any suggestions as to what the problem may be?
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    If you reinstalled your sound card driver, you may have need to change the speaker output from line out to speaker output or vice versa.
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    You do not have to buy new hardware if you lost the drivers.

    Usually the drivers are avilable at the manufactures website...goto his website, download the drives and install.

    A better alternative...you Ubuntu...no viruses/togen...or whatever...I don't know! and it's very stable.
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    Thanks for your help guys. I did buy a soundblaster sound card a few years ago. Would there have been a driver with that? i don't remember one but then again, I didn't install it.
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    Yes, Soundblaster sound cards have their own drivers.

    Go to their website, download the driver appropriate for your sound card and operating system, and reinstall it.
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