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New Methods to Constant Monitoring

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    I've done research about tips and tutorials, but I have not found any answer that will be applicable in monitoring and managing the utilities and operational expenses of our company. By the way, to make it clearer, I'm assisting my brother-in-law with his car wash business. He operates 5 branches in different locations. For that matter, we are finding solutions to reduce and do some budgeting of our company resources like the water, electricity and other supplies. We want also our staff to be aware of this. To cut it short, do you have any new methods to share with regards to constant monitoring and reduction of our expenses?
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    I guess you could introduce a scheme to encourage staff not to waste resources, while still providing an effective service.
    If the plan works, you share your reduced costs with them in the form of a monthly bonus or something.
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    I'm actually thinking of hiring the specialists that were referred by a family friend who also owns a convenience store that operates 24/7. These guys can do continuous monitoring and energy saving measures to keep our energy consumption low. I hope they can also help motivate the employees to work at their best and avoid wasting good energy.. offering bonuses sounds good, but as of the moment we are running on a budget, maybe that could come later when we resolve our issue with our utility bills! I hope our plan will work I'll keep you posted.
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