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New to physics, what should I learn?

  1. Jul 1, 2017 #1
    Hey everyone :), this doesn't really fit in any section so I will just put it here.

    I am swapping some subjects around and as a result I am starting physics halfway through the year, while my class mates all started in the beginning. However I am not starting from the beginning, I will be doing the same work as them.

    In the following term, we will undergo a course called "Amusement Park Physics". They have already undergone two topics in the previous two terms, "The Physics of Music" and "Time to hit the road (focused on cars, their safety, etc).

    One of my friends has told me we really don't need much from the previous terms, but I kind of think he is setting me up to fail.

    So anyway. What do you think I should learn?

    Newtons laws? Or error orrr? Orrr do you need more information to tell, just ask and I will find whatever i CAN.

    Anyway, any help will be GREATLY appreciated :)

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    Actually, yes it does. "Academic guidance"

    How much do these course use math?
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    The Physics you need to learn first is called Calculus.
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    what have you got in your toolkit already that may come in useful ?
    And yes, Newton is extremely useful
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    I would ask the teacher who taught those two classes. If you don't want to do that then ask the teacher you will have what you should study before the class starts.
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    First learn construction and equipment maintenance and basic algebra.

    from title,
    (NOT kidding.)
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