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NextNano3 simulation and some physics help

  1. May 18, 2009 #1
    hi there,

    Im currently working with the program nextnano3. It's a really nice program with which you can simulate nanowires, dots etc.

    I currently made a sample of an InP nanowire, with 3 sided gates at the bottom of the wire. These dont touch the wire (10nm between them and the wire) on which i can apply a voltage. The electric field coming of them lets me 'pull' wells in the cond- and valence bands. In these wells, electrons can get 'stuck'. Now im changing the doping on the wire so that the fermi level and conductionband energy difference becomes smaller.
    I actually want the fermi level to lie within the well. If this happens, it actually indicates that the electrons can get stuck in the well.

    Now a question: the program lets met apply different kinds of boundary conditions. An ohmic contact or a shottky barrier. This means that the contact between the metal gates and the SiO2 (between the gate and the wire) is one of the contacts i mentioned above.
    Now i would like to know what the difference is between these contacts, and if anyone knows which contacts are prefered for making a gated dot within the nanowire.
    The program only lets me apply a voltage to ohmic contacts, but with shottky barriers i van also tell the program what the barrier height is.

    Does anyone have any experience with this, and maybe explain to me the difference between and ohmic contact and a shottky barrier.

    if it isnt clear, ill gladly explain some more.

    thanks in advance
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