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Simulation of 3D resistance problem

  1. May 31, 2009 #1

    I am an electrical engineer but I feel myself too weak when I try to solve the problem.

    I am trying to simulate an artificial experiment which is:

    Let's place a gold piece which is about 10x10x10cm. Let's place it to the bottom of a pool and fillet with a liquid with which the resistivity is well known.

    Question is very simple. I wanna to apply a current flow from the system where a two electrodes placed any two position at the top surface of liquid. Lets imagine that we make voltage measurement at the liquid surface between two different position and record the value. Lets change the measurement probes a lot of different positions and record the results.

    We have to repeat all experiment with changing the position of supply electrodes also.

    Therefore we have alot of records. My question is how can we calculate exact size and position of the gold piece in the pool by using the experiment records?

    general resistivity formula is R=resistivity x length / cross area at wire etc which we learned in past.

    My second target is to find best measurement techniques by this simulation tool. I am not familiar with matlab and finite element techniques that we need to model and simulate that I believe.

    I became really crazy because I can not formulate/imagine 3D resistance.

    Would you help me please?
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