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Nicotine and Synaptic Transmission

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    Hello, I've been doing a bit of reading into Nicotine, but I am somewhat stuck. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Nicotine binds with Cholinergic binding sites, or acetylcholine binding sites. My question is how do they differ? Why is Nicotine addictive, if without it you have Acetylcholine binding. I know that Nicotine results in Dopamine release, but does Acetylcholine also do this?

    Another question. When Nicotine binds with the site does it open more sodium channels? What I am trying to understand is what does nicotine do at the binding site that Acetylcholine doesn't, or in other words why do people become addicted to Nicotine.

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    Let's look at that from beginning.What happens when you take Nicotine??It enters blood stream,across blood-brain barrier,bind to receptors and release Dopamine in reward circuit leading to pleasure;also brain in certain cases release Dopamine in reward circuits to cause pleasure.So,Why tolerance develops to Nicotine??

    Release of Dopamine in brain for rewarding is a controlled process by the brain so that it never develops tolerance.How??for example:if you saw a girl that you liked you have dopamine released in your brain so you are pleasured.When you saw here second time,you won't be pleasured so much as first time.Third time will be less second and so on.....,until u are not satisfied by the pleasure made by only seeing here,so you try to kiss here or touch here trying to feel same pleasure as first time you saw here.Again like the first time,you first kiss here you are so pleasured,second time you are less pleasured and so on like what have occured in first time_when you saw here.So,the process of pleasure is controlled by the brain so tolerance never develops.

    But when you take nicotine you give your self pleasure out of the brain control,so the brain try to compensate for that by decreasing its natural production of Dopamine.So,you are out of mode and you try to compensate that by taking more and more Nicotine.That why tolerance and addiction develop by Nicotine and not by natural mechanisms.

    I hope I have answered your questions.And I hope that my answer not late as I have joined forum recently.:smile::smile::smile::smile:
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