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NMR Spin-evolution simulations

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    Hello, I have been running spin evolutions with 8 spin 1/2 nuclei, but I am having issues increasing the number of spin 1/2 nuclei to 12. I get the following error message in command prompt.

    Firstly Spinevolution appears to be loading as normal, but then after a minute or so the simulation stops and the screen reads "Error encountered whileallocating 128MB of memory, Error computation failed"

    This has happened on two separate pc's and so is unlikely to be a fault with the pc.

    Does anyone know what this message means and if there is a way around it by changing settings or something?

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    Um, this forum is about physics. Software tech support questions are better posed to the people who made the software.
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    You may need to write your own script for this one. While I have never simulated density matrices of this complexity, I have heard that memory allocation issues can become as issue unless you start from the bottom up for you simulation. Look around though, since many groups have already written "canned" scripts for this. MATLAB should handle up to ~10 spins if I'm not mistaken. Hope this helps
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    Thanks, ill have a look
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