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No Child Left Behind - the military connection

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Of course a parent would have to know about this before requesting that their private information be protected. To me this wreaks of sleeze. The default should be to protect privacy; especially when it comes to children.
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    Yep, old news.
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    I wouldn't worry too much. This isn't nearly as damaging as some of the other scatology being legislated this week.

    For instance, you probably didn't even notice the passage of H.R. 2679:
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    The military has been making their recruting quotas lately by offering large sign up bonuses for anyone who enlists in a combat MOS. The military gets enough 18 year old kids who can't resist the thought of enough money to buy a new car, to keep the cannon fodder bin full.:frown:

    The requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act is still a primary source for finding young people though.

    Most of the legislation passed by the Bush administration has had a lot of fine print.
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