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No graduate level electromagnetism? (Oh Jackson where art thou)

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    Next year I'm doing the one year master program at Perimeter Institute, and I was surprised to realize that there is no grad-level electrodynamics class (level Jackson, I would suppose?). I then checked the Math Tripos III (applied math, aka theoretical physics) course list (where I also considered going) and no grad level electrodynamics class either! Also, in my current university, I checked the master's program: no grad level electrodynamics.

    So far I've only had a Griffiths level class, and when going through that it became clear that Jackson was the next step-up, for a grad level class, and I kind of assumed that at one point there would be a grad level class using that book, about electrodynamics. But the above seems to suggest that a grad level electrodynamics class is rare? What's the deal? Is it not important enough to be part of the grad curriculum (not even optional!)? Or are the above three universities the odd ones out?
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    There is some electrodynamics in the master's at my old university (warwick). And I checked out another university (southampton) and they have some electrodynamics in their masters. So it seems common... I'm guessing since you mentioned maths tripos 3, that you were considering cambridge, so you are from the uk as well?
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    Nope, Belgium. Hm, odd... Especially since both Tripos III and Perimeter seem to focus on theoretical physics, and I would think that E&M is a non-negligible part of that.
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    That does seem odd. In physics PhD programs in the U.S., a Jackson-level E&M course is pretty much de rigeur AFAIK.
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    Every university I looked at required at least 1 quarter of graduate level E&M.
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    Dr Transport

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    every physics grad student should have to suffer through jackson not once, but twice....it builds character
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    George Jones

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    We had to take two semesters of Jackson as undergrads.
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    Where did you go?
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    That sounds harsh, but perhaps also an indication that I should simply try to self-study Jackson.
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