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  1. S

    Classical Purcell to Jackson?

    I heard that Griffith's Electrodynamics is at a similar level of Purcell's book on electricity; is it fine if someone goes into a graduate level electrodynamics book right after Purcell?
  2. qnach

    Radiation power of an antenna

    I am reading Jackson's book on classical electrodynamics. It said in page 412 to 415 (3rd edition) that the total power radiated by a dipole is proportional to k^4 (equation 9.24) quadrupole is proportional to k^6 (equation 9.49) But why does the linear antenna at page 412, which is a dipole...
  3. N

    Jackson 1.12 & 1.13

    Homework Statement 1.12 - Prove Thomson's theorem : If a number of conducting surfaces are fixed in position and a given total charge is placed on each surface, then the electrostatic energy in the region bounded by the surfaces is a minimum when the charges are placed so that every surface...
  4. Mr. Rho

    Question about mathematical equality

    Hi there, im reading Chapter 9 of Jackson Classic Electrodynamics 3rd edition, and I don't see why this equality is true, it says "integrating by parts", but I still don't know... any help? [Broken]