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Medical No matter what you do you still do it!

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    No matter what i do to prevent something that i am in control of i still do it. For example, biting nails... Why do people get such habits and how can it be controlled? I say that i won't bite my nails over and over. Although, until that moment is gone i end up biting my nails. What is the cause and how can I prevent it?
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    You could address the underlying stressor that's triggering the activity.

    Failing that, there's stuff you can paint on them to discourage biting.
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    a lack of an appropriate substitute, perhaps.

    like gaming, you can't just simply stop once u're addicted, you are too much used to the same thing.

    try sucking your thumb or a lolly (hardly any better though i think :P)
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    OCD and substance abuse run in my family. I've had trouble with both, and I got over it. Like everything else, it's only a matter of self control. Explaining it away as a habbit or a problem does nothing but excuse your behavior.
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