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No-one knows the answer to the tenth question ('cept me)

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    Q1. What is the magnitude of the electric force between a proton & electron?
    (8.238x10-8 N)
    Q2,What is the magnitude of the gravitational force between a proton & electron?
    (3.63x10-47 N)
    What is the magnitude of the velocity of light?
    (299792458 m s-1)
    Q4.What is the magnitude of the permitivity of a vacuum?
    (8.854x10-12 m-2 s-2)
    Q5. Estimate the density of a proton
    (1.78x1016kg m-3)
    Q6. Estimate the density of the sun
    (1405 kg m-3)

    Q7. Divide answer 1 by answer 2.
    Q8. Divide the square of the third answer by the square of the fourth answer.
    Q9. Divide the cube of the fifth answer by the cube of the sixth answer
    Q10. Why are the answers to Q7, Q8 & Q9 of the same order?
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    I am interested to know the solution, but cannot solve this problem on my own since I am not an expert in physics.

    In my opinion, this problem is likely to elicit a much better response if this is resubmitted in other subforums like: General Physics, Classical physics, etc.
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    Is this a brain teaser???:yuck:
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