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No sleep, much think, feel frothy

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    Okay, so I've been consolidating and typing up my notes today, most of which are on linguistics. I just thought of the lamest joke, but it's totally hilarious now because I'm so tired and utterly Chomskified. Okay, you know Robin, of Batman and Robin -- the Boy Wonder, I believe he is called? Well, I recall overhearing a recording of someone portraying him exclaim something of the form

    0) [interjection conveying shock], Batman, [shocking news]!

    and I've recently taken to coming up with witty instances of it. My newest one is

    1) Jiminy Cricket, Batman, I'm going to use a periphrastic modal construction!

    :rofl: Oh, that is SO funny. ((1) is the joke that I was talking about, by the bye.) As you can plainly see, by witty, I meant imbecilic. The problem is that I'm not sure whether it's the wittiest that it could be or not. See, there's the time thing to consider -- could I make it better, meaning, of course, worse, by considering when the sentence becomes true? Okay, the periphrastic modal constuction that Robin uses is (am) going to, which is equivalent to will. I am considering using have to or had to, which are equivalent to must and the 'past tense' of must, respectively.

    2) Jiminy Cricket, Batman, I have to use a periphrastic modal construction!
    3) Jiminy Cricket, Batman, I had to use a periphrastic modal construction!

    :rofl: Sorry, am I the only one being bringed to tears by this? Okay, just assume "in this sentence" is on the end of all of those. (1) becomes true when he says it (Hm, or does it?! :bugeye:); (2) isn't true -- he could have used must; (3) was true before he said it (Hm, or was it? :bugeye:). I think (1) is funniest, but I want your opinion! Sock it to me! :biggrin:

    And now this time thing is bugging me.
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    You feel Frothy? I don't think I have ever felt frothy before myself... hmmmm....

    Any way I thought it was cute(the Robin quote). All the cuter coming from you, but I'm pretty sure I still would have thought it cute otherwise.
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    Mexican jumping beans, Batman, TSA is a smo0o0o0oth operator! :surprised :tongue2:

    P.S. frothy is also like a moist version of flaky. :wink:
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    Obscure jokes are always fun. :biggrin:

    I have a friend who has an idea for a pun that could only be understood by someone familiar with artillery and with algebraic geometry. He's never actually fleshed it out, though, since the mere fact he has a pun that almost nobody would be able to understand is the best part of the story! :rofl:

    Er, you're flaky, and you're... moistened? :bugeye: (Sigh, we really need a smiley with a raised eyebrow, Spock style) I don't think I've heard a woman called "moist" since MPQHG made an off-hand remark about the Lady in the Lake!

    Bah, he's trying too hard. (But then again, who wouldn't?)

    P.S. I thought "frothy" was supposed to be more of a foamy, bubbly thing...
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    Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, Batman, it took Rachel forever to figure out what MPQHG stood for! And she still doesn't know what the Q stands for! (Edit: Oh, duh. Quest. No sleep still.)
    Apparently, not you. :tongue2: Der, I mean, I don't know, but Mr. T pities the fool.
    Yes, as bubbles in a liquid, which were moist the last time I checked. I was going to say that I was jocose or jocular, but I couln't decide between them.
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    Ahhh...hmmm...I'm holding back words. This is a family site.
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