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Non-interfered vs interfered photons

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    It seems that - I am getting conflicting information from the forum posts about the above topic.

    Is there any difference in the properties (such as energy, intensity, spin, momentum etc):

    of a photon that emerges from a double slit

    without which-way

    or in other words

    does a photon strike with a different energy on the screen when which-way known vs no-detector.

    or in other words

    does a self-interfered photon have properties that are different from a non-self-interfered photon?....other than the fact that a self-interfered photon will land up on fringes instead of the "two blobs" in front of the two slits.

    or in other words

    does superposition result in any change in the properties of a photon?
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    ... or in other words

    while entering double-slit, do photon knows how detector will be set in the future in Wheeler's setup?

    I don't think we need this kind of magic and it is not required in de Broglie's interpretation - particles are conjugated with waves they create: corpuscle goes a single path, these "pilot" waves go simultaneously through all paths - eventually interacting with the corpuscle which created them, what can lead to interference if the measurement device is properly set in the time of measurement ...
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    No, no difference. A photon is a photon, no matter its history, so whether one or both slits were open will not change the nature of the photons.
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    so no change in energy of the photon...

    thanks dauto.
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