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Non-perturbative theory and perturbative theory

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    Why is the string theory said to be a perturbative theory, while the LQG is a non-perturbative theory?
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    I do not think string theory is perturbative. Many crucial phenomena in string theory like the existence of D-branes, S-duality, AdS/CFT and so on are non-perturbative.
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    String theory is perturbative, S-Duality, D-branes and AdS/CFT Correspondence stem from Superstring Theory - a Perturbation Theory
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    Look at this review,

    "An Introduction to Non-perturbative String Theory", Ashoke Sen


    It reviewed the non-perturbative part of string theory which was new at that time and now becomes the familiar parts of textbooks.
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    For example, by using perturbative series, you will never get S-duality because one side has coupling g and the other side has coupling 1/g, so perturbative series can at most work on one side and cannot see the equivalence.

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    My viewpoint is that now things change. 20 years ago, we only knew that string theory was describing the perturbation around a fixed background and it is true that before 1995, majority of string theory formulation was perturbative. But now with the dramatic developments, especially AdS/CFT, we see that string theory describes both the perturbative region and the non-perturbative region. The string perturbative series loses its importance in string theory.
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    Yes, I absolutely agree that Superstring Theory is becoming more non-perturbative with the development of M-Theory, Gauge-Gravity Dualities (AdS/CFT, dS/CFT, Kerr/CFT...), Symmetries in nature/mathematics as well as various String Dualities. What I'm trying to say is that the core of Superstring theory, pre-1995/1997, was mostly perturbative.
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    stupid question: why a perturbative theory cannot be background independant? thx.
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