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Medical Nootropics to improve cognitive power

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    Hi, just wondering does anyone know anything about these? For those who don't know, they're drugs (legal, they come under the category of "suppliements") that are supposed to improve cognitive power, such as memory and such. I'm just a little skeptical about it?
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    Re: Nootropics

    I've been taking Piracetam on and off. It works, kind of hard to quantify what exactly works as I am already smart :biggrin:
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    Re: Nootropics

    Just be aware that you are increasing your metabolic rate, and there is little to say what the very long term effects are. Piracetam is effective in a number of ways, and it would be very dangerous to assume that this is the one drug which has profound effects without the possiblity of profound adverse reactions.

    That said, other than major overdose, the issue seems to be primarily an issue for those with a pre-exisitng psychiatric disorder (especially anxiety), but then, it's also effects clotting in a fairily unusual (albeit helpful) way.

    To be blunt, I wouldn't take this drug as a nootropic, it has too many other effects. Yes, it seems to clear your brain nicely, and even reverse some damage in mice, but we're not mice, and it may be that you're cashing in life-span or your endocrine system for a boost now. That is pure supposition, but keep in mind how "miraculous" amphetamines have been... with a few NOTABLE downside.

    If you don't NEED a drug, don't take it. Yes, it doesn't act as a stumulent or depressent in the neurological sense, because it does its work at the enzymatic and mitochondrial level. Here is a quote from Wikipedia (which does a good job for the Method of Action)

    That's doing a LOT, and it's also increasing your most basic measure of metabolic rate. I would save this for when one NEEDS it, not for fun and pofit, so to speak. Then again, we still pump our soldiers full of "go/no-go" drugs (from Dextroamphetamine, to newer versions such as Modafinil), and it usually takes time for the full ramifacations of that to become clear. These are people who's alert state is life-or-death... is yours?
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