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Medical How many of you use a Nootropic?

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    Have you ever used a nootropic, or thought of using one?

    I have read many reviews and articles about the benefit of using nootropics. For those of you who do not know what a nootropic is, they are basically "smart drugs", which enhance cognitive function. So i was just wondering how many of people on this forum have used a nootropic or though about using one.
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    Yes, I've heard of them and became quite interested. I just took one a few minutes ago but I dont tink theeey hav emuch afec.
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    Please do a search next time john160, there are already a ton of these threads.
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    sorry, my mistake:(
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    In short they increase your interest in academic material and at times your memory i.e. you are may study for hours instead of becoming bored , they do not increase your IQ so don't take them to become an intellectual stud muffin.
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    no no, i completely agree with you. I take them for increase focus/concentration and an increase in memory would be an added bonus. I just bought Piracetam and CDP-choline. That is what im going to take daily, and L-Huperzine A the night before an exam...
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    Is it alright to mess up the brain chemicals by taking all these drugs?

    The brain might get confused into believing that there are higher levels of such chemicals and stop its own natural production. This might cause reduced cognition, memory etc. during periods of non-use
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    very good point!! Since i cannot answer the question, I may have to do a bit of researching on this...i know some nootropics need to be cycled for this reason. I just bought some piracetam, the most commone nootropic, and CDP-Choline....I do know however that Piracetam uses up a greater amount of acetylcholine in the brain. To counter this, one must supplement with CDP-Choline, an acetylcholine supplier. This balances everything out....but like a said, i still need to do some more research.. good question!!
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    Self medicating with drugs for unapproved uses is never a good idea, and one we can't condone here at PF. The risks of harmful side effects, as pointed out already, is too high.
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