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Normal subgroup; topological group

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    The integers Z are a normal subgroup of (R,+). The quotient R/Z is a familiar topological group; what is it?

    okay... i attempted this problem....
    and I don't know if i did it right... but can you guys check it?


    R/Z is a familiar topological group
    and Z are a normal subgroup of (R,+)
    then the quotient R/Z is also a topological group with the quotient topology.
    The R/Z is Hausdorff iff Z is a closed subset of (R,+) which in this case is true.
    Therefore, R/Z is a quotient topology.

    sorry if there are a lot of things that didn't make sense in that proof but i tried.... hahaha
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    matt grime

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    That's not what it's after. It's asking you to identify it (name it, if you will) as a topological group. What topological groups do you know?

    You're taking the real line and identifying x and y if x-y is what? I.e. x and y differ by what? What is a good choice for a set of equivalence classes of cosets?
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