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Not such a big fan of chemistry, what about ChemE?

  1. Jul 4, 2008 #1
    I am graduating soon with a BA in chemistry and after 4 years I decided it's not a subject I particularly like. I don't want to do any more bench chemistry (working with liquids and beakers and pipettes and titrations).

    I am thinking about chemical engineering though and I was wondering, is it possible to not like chemistry but actually like being a chemical engineer? How different are the two fields? Also is there some overlap with mechanical like designing machines because that is something I think is interesting also. Thanks
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    leumas614, you really put yourself in a tough situation being stubborn enough to not have chosen a different (although possibly related) direction sooner. Could you postpone your graduation until you have enough units of Engineering to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering? Maybe use related scientific courses to qualify as some kind of technician or maybe programmer who does not necessarily work directly in a chemical laboratory?
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    materials science programs accept chemists. Chemical engineering will also accept you, but you will probably have to take a few undergrad courses.
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    In my opinion, if you liked it enough to do all the coursework and major in it to begin with there is probably something behind that. Did you ever try working in a professor's lab?
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    Well the reason I majored in chemistry is because I was initially pre-med and a bio major but decided at the beginning of my 3rd year that I would rather be an engineer. Unfortunately there is no engineering program at my school so I had to choose between chem and physics so I can apply to grad school in engineering and take some make-up courses after I graduate. I would have rather majored in physics but I was closer to a chem degree and majoring in physics would have meant spending 6 years as an undergraduate in a private school with high tuition.

    I have 3 years of intense bench chemistry research which is one of the reasons why I don't like it anymore! So my question is, does chemical engineering place an emphasis on bench chemistry or is it more physics like mechanical engineering? This fall I am taking intermediate level physics and math classes. Thanks
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