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Not sure how to start a Pseudo for an Array

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    I am VERY new to this, i am trying to start a pseudo code write where i need to make an array. I have my flowchart done (at least i think i do ) but i am not sure how to actually start the code. The examples my teacher had are confusing and he is not answering my emails. I have to write pseudo for a count and averager for a test given to a class but the total count of tests done is not known. My issue to start is how i *actually* make the array list/space in pseudo. Any advise would be helpful and or examples of a start code with the array sections pointed out. Thank you.
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    If you are using an array, then in most languages you will have to set aside a sufficiently-large array that it will be able to accommodate all expected data sets.

    Code (Text):
    mark: array 1..200 of real numbers;
    Then you'll read in marks one after another, until something indicates end of data
    Most languages have a character or key that serves this function, but you might choose to say that a negative number will be used to indicate end of data

    Code (Text):

    loop through this block
      read a number
      if number >=0 store it as a mark
         else end this loop and go to the next stage

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