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Not too Sure in my Comp. Engin. Tech. Program Choice.

  1. Aug 1, 2009 #1
    Well, I'm new to the forums and (must say, great forum you guys have here) I am in a bit of a dilemma here.

    I have read many of the comments in this thread and some have lead me to have my usual doubts about engineering and technology. I'm attending the University of Houston in Houston Texas, USA declaring my choice major of study in Computer Engineering Technology. I have always wanted to take a field of study such as this as long as I have been intrigued by how things worked in the world.

    My dilemma, I'm not very good at math due to me not having the best teachers growing up, yet I always tried. Science, it always depended on the lab that we would do in school. I guess I always liked science. But anyways, I have researched on many things that engineers do and I always wanted to be in a group where we would build something magnificent that many people could benefit from. Yet math always held me back.

    I am always interested about learning in my leisure and when I'm busy doing other things. I just wanna know that I too can be successful at engineering technology if I tried really hard and focus alot. I know that because I am not like many others that are good at math, I guess I just want to find a computer engineer that also started off rocky and with hard work, understanding the information given he or she too became the engineer that they always wanted to be.

    I know the teachings will be difficult, I knew this when I started loving how things are created in the world to help others. I ready to start ripping my face off trying to perfect my math skills and appreciate the things I will be doing once I get the degree. I want to become part of that small percentage of Female Computer Engineering Technicians that enjoy what they do. *sigh*

    I guess I just need a step in the right direction. I hope this is it.
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  3. Aug 1, 2009 #2
    Without a little more knowledge about your experiences with math it may be hard to give advice. Have you identified exactly where your troubles occur?
  4. Aug 1, 2009 #3
    Well, The only math I seem to understand and don't mind doing is algebra. I totally freak out in Geometry... I guess I am a very slow learner at math, unless I can find a good professor or tutor this year in college that is exceptional at making math interesting.

    Math scores....erm....between a high F and a low B. Altogether. I'm trying to study as much as I can about Precal before the 24, for me it's hard to grasp without a TI-83 calc. :/
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