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Notation help? (don't understand)

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    i might have been spelling them wrong, but i can't find what do they mean:
    what's the difference between [psi](x) and [psi tilda](x)? i mean this thingy.. (~)

    and what's h(bar)? (in the formular p=h(bar)k) [i mean the bar thing]

    and other stuff.. things that i need to know...?
    i'm new to the mathematics side of physics, and it's quantum is where is started...
    if the order was bad, which order should i learn in? (the only other math i've done is in special...)

    and if there are more common notations that i need to know please tell me, thankyou
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    ##\tilde\psi## isn't a standard notation, so you will have to look for a definition in the book where you found it. If there isn't one, then maybe it's just an arbitrary function.

    ##\hbar## is called the reduced Planck constant. It's defined by ##\hbar=\frac{h}{2\pi}##, where ##h## is Planck's constant.

    Most notations should be defined in your book. What book are you using?
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    it's hard to search for stuff when it is not in the keyboard!
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