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Novice want to learn about chemical binding.

  1. Nov 20, 2013 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Hello again! I've googled about chemical binding but couldn't find anything that teaches me about it so I thought I'd ask you guys.

    I have several elements like

    and need to figure out their chemical bindings.

    I know that a chemical bond is what hold the different atoms, molecules and jon(e?)s together.

    That's all I know, I would very much appreciate some help along the way. Is this something I can figure out by looking at the periodic table for example?
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    What sort of bonds have your teacher taught you about? Can you list them out? If you know which bonds your teacher taught you about, you can look up their properties and attempt to match bonds to molecules.
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    Nothing, this is a distance class and I don't really have a teacher, I mean I have a teacher but he doesn't go through anything with me. He just provides the assignments and if I have a problem he will answer but it's night time here now and usually it takes extremely long before he answers as he has a lot of students at the same time. Sometimes I have to wait 1-2 days before an answer, that's why I figured it'd be easier to ask you guys :shy: as you most likely are more knowledgeable than him anyways plus there is always someone online here. :smile:
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    Of those only hydrogen is an element, all others are compounds.

    Do you have any book assigned to the course? If not, I strongly suggest you find one.
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    Ye, no I don't.. Have until saturday to finish the few assignments I have left. I can figure most of the problems out by myself, however some of them like this one is completely 'impossible' for me to figure out. You are def right, would be a lot better if I had a book and I need to get one for future classes. I didn't bother with one because I figured all of this stuff is on the internet already. Well I am still sure that this stuff is on the internet somewhere, didn't think it'd be this hard to find. I'll continue looking though.
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    Also, there are plenty of decent chemistry teachers with a website. Just go to a major city's school's website, and find the chem teacher's. You should find decent notes soon enough.
    To start you off, though, there are three basic kinds of bonds.
    Covalent: 2 non metals
    ionic: a metal and non metal
    Metallic: 2 metals
    You should be able to solve the question you mentioned with a periodic table.
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