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MATLAB Number formats in Matlab [not to use e symbol]

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    When I write 1.516*10^-5 in Matlab it gives 1.516000000000000e-05 but I do not want to use e symbol. So which format should I use. I could use format bank but it has only two digits. I need more digits. Would you like to help me.

    Thank you.
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    Here's a list of available formats:


    Perhaps, you can tell us what format you're looking for.

    In any event, if its not listed you might have to find a custom formatter function or write one yourself.

    As an example, if you simply wanted to remove the 'e' from the notation you could convert the displayed number to a string and then adjust the string to replace the 'e' with a ' 10^'
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    Are you writing to a file, or are you wondering about command line display? And how would you like it to appear?
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    For example: When I do this operation I want it to seem as in a handy scientific calculation with fix is set.
    >> 648*0.05^4

    ans =


    >> ans/(128*0.800*40)

    ans =


    When fix is set as 6

    The result seems to be 0.000003.

    Thank you.
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