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Number of stars within 150 light years of us?

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    I would like to know how many stars are within 150 light years of Earth. There must be a website somewhere that has the number, or perhaps a graph correlating distance with number of stars.

    I've done some searching, but you folks are much smarter than I am.

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    Approximately 5900 stars. Of which, ~840 are naked-eye visible under good viewing conditions.
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    Does the 5900 estimate allow for the increasing numbers of 'Black' and 'Brown' dwarf stars being found in our neighbourhood by infra-red or Doppler surveys ?? I know the mass function is a bit tricky when 'T' types are so hard to find, yet apparently so plentiful...
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    5900 is probably on the low side, I think the actual figure is around 8500. Of course these numbers only reflect stars detectable using current technology.
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