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Numbers are infinite, so why would the universe not be infinite?

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    After all, numbers are part of the universe. :biggrin:
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    Are they? Why do you think this? What evidence do you have of this?
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    Haven't you seen that constellation that looks like a 6? If you look good you'll see it whenever and wherever you like ;)

    /end sarcasm

    R136a1 has a valid point.
    Numbers are man-made, we look for a way to describe the universe using maths. It's not that maths is inherent to the universe. If we didn't have math however, there would be so many puzzling things.
    It is however impossible to say whether there can exist a more natural language to describe the universe. Also because we can't think of such things without imagining them.
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    erhm how can you formulate a length without numbers?

    Therefore numbers are still invented. As is geometry, topology and whatever you can come up with.

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    Enough nonsense. Closed.
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