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Odds of getting into a top 30 math graduate school?

  1. Apr 9, 2013 #1
    My stats:
    -3.85 GPA in math from small state university
    -Honors graduate
    -Taken every undergraduate math class, including 2 abstract algebras, 3 analysis classes, 3 calculus classes, 1 differential equation, 2 geometries, 1 linear algebra, combinatorics, actuarial science, linear algebra, 3 programming language classes

    -Putnam team member
    -Eagle Scout
    -2009 Eagle Scout of the Year for Outstanding Leadership
    -Math Club President

    -Summer research with professor at my school, paper being published
    -Given talks at two other universities conferences on research
    -Spoke at AMS/MAA national joint meeting, special sessions
    -Summer REU at the University of Texas

    Haven't taken any GRE lately, but I'm confidant I can score highly.

    What are the odds of getting into a top 30 place like Chapel Hill, University of Washington, Georgia Tech, or University of Utah?
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    Are you interested in a lower ranked place that is still very good, like UGA? Does it interest you that some math professors at GaTech were either professors or students at UGA? (Matt Baker, Ernie Croot).

    Nobody cares that you were an eagle scout. One thing on there that could set you apart is Putnam competition.

    Publishing a paper is nice too. And if someone at one of those schools heard your talk it could help.

    I think you have a shot.

    The good thing about UGA is it may be easier to get in than other schools that are not really noticeably better.
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    I'm currently at GaTech and your application is much stronger than mine was. Though, I think I was helped by the fact that I did undergrad at GaTech.

    I know, I know, people say it is bad to do grad school where you do undergrad, but I am married, my wife is in school, and it is just too inconvenient to move. My first choice was actually UGA, but it is just too far from UGA to my apartment and my wife's school.
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