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# of different binary ops. on a set S

  1. Sep 10, 2008 #1
    Bear with me,

    Haow mainy difffferent biiinary operarations can be dephined on the set S when it has 1,2,3 or n elementz?

    Sorry I typed so wierd, I don't want anybody finding this answer.

    Can I confirm with you guys/gals in here that the answer is (hopefully)

    1 elem = 1,
    2 elem = 2^4
    3 elem = 3^9
    n elem = n^(n^2)

    I have never had any combo class so forgive me if I am wrong with this.
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    Hi Unassuming! :smile:

    hmm … never come across that before …

    if the question means what I think it does, then I agree with you …

    there are n values to be assigned to n² combinations, so it's n^n². :smile:

    (I think … :rolleyes:)
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