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Oh cool i just thought of this xD

  1. Jan 8, 2012 #1
    basically. for computers you could make it so it has room for 2 boards one board thats as big as the mother board or half its size that is completely dedicated to processing and graphics or just processing.

    its kinda like having 2 mother boards side by side.

    but one mother board is dedicated to processing only. you can reach super fast speeds and ridiculous graphics power if half is dedicated to graphics. chips would either be killed off or this processor board would have upgradable slots for faster processors you would have like 30 processors on one bored and you could switch regular processors for graphics processors.

    it would be easy to cool with a big fan that is on the side of the machine istead of a steel wall that pops off.
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    Engineers have done this already with the cell processor. It has a general purpose CPU that manages and directs several satellite CPUs onboard to do detailed highly specific computations as is found in graphical apps and games. The Sony ps3 uses such a chip.
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    silly i meant an entire mother board size dedicated not just a single chip with 4 chip isnide it ...

    picture a mother board an entire mother a whopping mother. instead of being dedicated to a mother board is dedicate it all to processing. makes amd quad core look like a midget in basket ball with 10 o niels.

    what im tryign to point out. is that a mother board sized processing bored far out performs a chip. processor board > processing chip

    i wish you would try to think this through till we end up agreeing cuz i know full well about multiple cores.
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    Okay one thing to consider in speed up is that things should be as close as possible that's why engineers try to pack everything into the CPU cores. When things are stretched onto bigger board then you might have to add wait states to things because it takes the signal longer to get to where it needs to get.

    The problem that limts the CPU cores is heat. It most be disipated or things melt.

    It's good that you're about this stuff because we are running into a cpu speed bottleneck in the future unless we can think of new ways,of doing things such as parallelization, quantum computing, DNA computing...
  6. Jan 8, 2012 #5
    As stated above, the main problem with this design is heat - you would basically have to run this machine inside a freezer box to stop everything from melting :-)
    The other problem is of course the cost factor.
    The basic idea is not bad though, this could conceivably work if done correctly
  7. Jan 8, 2012 #6
    cool 2 people got what i meant. i think heat wouldn't be a problem tho because i think we have many many years before we can even scratch the service of all that power. and it would be at its hottest when you started reaching 50% of the cpu board (which would probably be a lot of power probably 5 ghrz easy). a lot of the energy would be spread over the whole board rather then in all one spot. now think of the casing. i mean we have reached the point where micro technology is at its limit. so why try to gets smaller? its time to get bigger. hence a design thats bigger by a whole lot but small too.

    the casing would be one fan that blows air in it and the other side would be a fan that blows air out. the fan would be the size of the whole side. thats comparable a fan designed to cool a room. on both sides one blowing in and one blowing out. it would be a decently powerful fan you would definitely hear a wir but if you keep the dust of it then noise wouldn't be all that bad.

    *** the fan concept works liek this, you know hwo 16 degreess can feel like minus 30 with wind chill? using the same concept***

    ===also i think the os's need a revamp to handly multiple processess to the point the cpu barely puts any effort.
    kinda like taking a big wad of processes spread over on a nice piece of bread===
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