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OK, guys which of these have you used?

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    How did they come up with the figure of 20 µg? :uhh:

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    I don't think it is the same thing but this made me think of one of my all time favorite movies:

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    I remember old radio commercials for Vitalis and Mum. I tried Vitalis, it was OK but I stuck with my favorite Rose Hair Oil. At fifteen years old I still didn't know what "Mum" a deodorant was.

    Vitalis Hair Tonic is still around, Rose Hair Oil was the ultimate "greasy kid stuff".

    I found a link to Rose Hair Oil. It is on an antiques and collectables site.:cry:

    http://www.gonecountryantiques.com/item/Mid-C-Society-Rose-Hair-Oil-Barber-Bottle [Broken]

    As for exposure to radiation I used to love to go to JC Penny's and look at my feet in their shoe fitting X ray machine.
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