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Olefine from amine - how to make?

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    Hello! Can you please help me in my difficult situation. I ve already read much but found nothing.
    So, I have primary amine (C16 and C18). I have to get the respective olefine. I watched the reaction deamination, but i ve read that it is impossible to get one product (one alcohol) from this reaction - because many isomer are appeared. If there are other way to deliver amine from amine group??
    And then i have hexadecylsulfonate. Can i transfer this compound to olefine. I ve read that alkylsulfonate can be desulfonate by hydrolisis with RH as product. But it was describe for aromatic sulfonate. If this is suitable for aliphatic sulfonate?
    Thank you for all help and hints. I m not organic but now i need olefine for my inorganic synthesis...
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    sjb-2812, thank you for help.
    I ve read about this elimination, i have question - Have you done such reactions? Where can i get proper conditions for its realization?
    Thank you.
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    I have not carried out the reaction, but there are a number of references at e.g. http://orgchem.chem.uconn.edu/namereact/hofmannelim.html or similar
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