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On formal concept analysis (fca)

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    I was using Hasse Diagram as it is great tool for data analysis but there is a confusion the thing is that I downloaded a software for fca and every time it uses a algorithm it gives a different lattice ,I do understand but suppose I am using it for some representation of concept lattice the lattice has been made between extents and intents then how do I interpret the hidden knowledge from the diagram for further analysis any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks for reply. I was thinking and I went through some research papers which were from land use policy and medical sciences and also from a conference book so I came to the conclusion that basically if I use the diagram then what I interpret from the diagram it depends on the expertise of my field in that area .as such it does not have any theorems I suppose which can be used to draw conclusions in other fields or I suppose I do not have that expertise to draw conclusion for other subjects.If I am not wrong this is a less researched area. Yes there are software for FCA online.
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