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On posting handwritten images of questions over typing them up

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    I received a message saying my posting an image over typing up a message to my question invalidated the thread. Since math in general relies heavily on using symbols, it is easier for me to write out my question by hand. I made sure the quality of the image was high, and that my handwriting was legible.

    I'd just like everyone's take on this rule. If it must be enforced, can I follow a format that allows me to post a picture to my question without invalidating the thread in the future ?
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    You can use ##\LaTeX## for formulas, see the help page.
    And typing the text between the formulas is no problem and makes that easier to read as well. In addition, it makes it possible to find the thread with the search function.
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    In addition to what mfb said, typing your equations and such using LaTeX makes it easier for helpers to insert comments exactly where they have found an error. With an image, this is not possible.

    With regard to your earlier post, you should have posted it in one of the sections under Homework & Coursework, not in the technical math sections.
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    You can use plain text and you can spend some time learning how to use TEX on the physics forums. Once you know some TEX later, try to use it.
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    Should it be easier for the person posting the question, or the many people who are volunteering their help in answering it?

    Many people do not.
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    It was not legible to me. Please just type your query into the right forum. The PF is a great place to get help. :smile:
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    One can also use the recently new feature of whiteboard option in the reply box.
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    Regardless of how good the image, handwritten detail in photos is invariably more difficult to discern than simple text, especially on small screens viewed in bright ambient light---typical of what users of handheld devices must contend with.
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    I saw the image you posted, and IMO the image quality was NOT high. When you took the picture, the camera (or phone, whatever) was placed at an angle to the paper, making the image lighter at the upper right corner and darker toward the lower left corner, and thereby difficult to read.
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    Understood. Thank you all for taking the time to explain.
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