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I One by one photon delay in double slit experiment

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    In a 'one photon at a time' double slit experiment, does the interference pattern still emerges if the time delay between individual photon emissions is increased to minutes or even hours?
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    Yes, one dot a time.
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    Thank you for your reply. I am a beginner in Quantum physics and I am both amazed and perplexed with the double slit experiments. So theoretically the delay can even span for years and the interference pattern will still emerge.

    I have one last question: in the same double slit experiment, within the time frame between single photon emissions, if we were to emit momentarily a laser beam between the slit and the detector screen, would that eliminate the interference pattern?

    For example:

    1- Emission of 1 photon through the double slit.
    2-The photon hits the detection screen
    3-A laser beam passes between the detection screen and the slits (wave scrambling?)
    4-Another photon is emmited.

    And so on.. would the interference pattern still emerge?
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