What is Delay: Definition and 192 Discussions

In signal processing, group delay is the time delay of the amplitude envelopes of the various sinusoidal components of a signal through a device under test, and is a function of frequency for each component. Phase delay, in contrast, is the time delay of the phase as opposed to the time delay of the amplitude envelope.
All frequency components of a signal are delayed when passed through a device such as an amplifier, a loudspeaker, or propagating through space or a medium, such as air. This signal delay will be different for the various frequencies unless the device has the property of being linear phase. The delay variation means that signals consisting of multiple frequency components will suffer distortion because these components are not delayed by the same amount of time at the output of the device. This changes the shape of the signal in addition to any constant delay or scale change. A sufficiently large delay variation can cause problems such as poor fidelity in audio or intersymbol interference (ISI) in the demodulation of digital information from an analog carrier signal. High speed modems use adaptive equalizers to compensate for non-constant group delay.
For a device such as an amplifier or telecommunications system, group delay and phase delay are device performance properties that help to characterize time delay, which is the amount of time for the various frequency components of a signal to pass through the device from input to output. If this timing does not sufficiently meet certain requirements, the device will contribute to signal distortion. For example, sufficient amounts of distortion equates to poor fidelity in video or audio, or to a high bit-error rate in a digital bit stream.
Phase delay directly measures the device or system time delay of individual frequency components. For a modulated signal, which must be demodulated to recover the original signal intelligence, group delay must be used with the modulated signal to determine the time delay of the demodulated signal.
Discussed in this article is background theory on a device’s phase response property, from which the device’s phase delay and group delay properties can be calculated exactly. The article then goes on to illustrate the theory and use cases of these related device properties.

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  1. N

    Delay estimation using cross correlation

    Hi Suppose there are two continuous signals of same frequency say 4 KHz. The time corresponding to its one cycle is around 250 us. If we delay one signal by 4010 us (i.e >> one cycle delay), can we use cross correlation techniques to estimate this delay accurately? Thanks
  2. N

    Calculating delay b/w signals using correlation

    Hi all I am generating two signals of same frequency, i introduce a fixed delay in one of the signal and then try to find out the simulated delay using MATLAB 'gccphat' and 'finddelay' functions, but not able to measure correct delay. MATLAB Code script is given below: clc clear close...
  3. S

    Instant on - delay off circuit

    I'd guess this kind of circuit is widely used. Is there an IC available that has this functionality? I need a circuit that has a power supply (12V or 24V), an input signal and an output signal. The wanted behavior is: 1) output goes ON immediately when power is connected (independent of input...
  4. D

    Did my Android program crash because it lacks a delay mechanism?

    Hi everyone I modified some code that originally displayed a toast when the screen was pressed and held. The original code used onTouchListener with a relative layout, but I changed it to a button instead. I think I've copied it correctly, but my program crashes when the button is clicked. I...
  5. U

    B Switch-to-lightbulb wire delay

    Summary: Question about expectations related to electron flow and conductivity. Here's a question I have... imagine a scientist in a lab. In front of him there's a battery (with typical red/black +/- poles). Behind him is a normal light socket. Now, between the battery and the light socket...
  6. berkeman

    Boeing, Airbus executives urge delay in U.S. 5G wireless deployment

    I heard about this yesterday on the radio. Both sides (the airlines and the cellphone carriers) have very strong economic interests at stake, and hopefully a good (safe) technical solution can be found and tested quickly...
  7. Twigg

    What causes variations in delay in coax cable of the same length?

    Hey all, I was doing some tests in lab when I noticed that between two 4.5m RG174 SMA cables, there was a 1ns difference in delay at 4MHz between the two cables. To clarify, theory says 4.5m of RG174 (66% velocity factor) at 4 MHz should have a delay of 22.7ns. I measured one cable at 22ns and...
  8. evinda

    MHB Optimizing Carry-Skip Adders for Minimal Delay

    Hello! (Wave) Let a binary adder carry-skip of $32$ bits, at which the size of the individual adders is not necessarily the same. Suppose that the individual adders are adders spreading carry, and that the skip is not done at the first and at the last individual adder. If we can use 4...

    I Undamped driven oscillation — Is there a phase delay?

    I know that there is phase delay in damped driven oscillation but I want to know is there any phase delay in undamped driven oscillation when we apply sinusoidal driving force. When driving force is maximum, displacement is also maximum as well right?
  10. GhostLoveScore

    Interferometer delay & line light spreading

    In every article that I've read about optical interferometers they explain that collimated light from farther the telescope is sent down the delay line, and then into a beam combiner with other beam. Like in the photo below But they all only show light that enters the telescope along the axis...
  11. tommy7

    Mechanical device trigger with variable time delay (100-500ms)

    This device, if it or something similar exists at all, needs to be completely mechanical without ANY electricity and be really precise and strong (to last a long time). Press a button in order to trigger the start of the delay time. It must start only when the button is fully pressed down (or...
  12. astrodummy

    Does electricity have a propagation delay?

    Suppose you have a battery wired to a light bulb and switch via a long pair of conductors, say 1 light second long. Assume for now that electricity travels at c. The switch is thrown. How long does it take the bulb to light? Does the electricity take 1 second to get from the battery to the...
  13. danielhaish

    I Delay in signaling between entanglement particles

    I know that there isn't any delay that depends on the distance between particles, by the time it take to signal l to arrive from point a to b , but do there is any small delay that doesn't depends on distance . like the Minimum distance between two bodies divided by the speed of light . for...
  14. E

    A Solving Shapiro Delay Problem w/ Approximations: Q&A

    I encountered a problem when calculating the Shapiro Delay for a radar signal from Earth to Venus on the other side of the sun. The integrand blows up at one of the integration limits, so I think that means the integral is infinite. So far, I have been unable to totally follow Zee’s (Einstein...
  15. christang_1023

    Is Propagation delay from 1 to 0 the same as that from 0 to 1?

    Homework Statement: There are the propagation delays from High to Low and from Low to High, and I wonder if they are equal? Homework Equations: That is $$ t_{PLH}=t_{PHL}$$ I suppose they should be equal.
  16. jackmiller2003

    I Time Delay Information Transfer with Entangled Particles

    Hello, my name is Jack and I'm a year 11 student in Australia. After listening to, and reading some information regarding quantum entanglement, I'm still a little unsure about the solution to a thought experiment: Let's say that I create a situation in which multiple pairs of particles are...
  17. W

    Buffering and delay in video compression

    1) What is the relationship between buffer at encoder and buffer at decoder? 2) How much preloading is necessary to ensure no buffer empties over the length of the simulation I.e. what is the minimum no. of bytes that must be in the buffer? 3)How to estimate delay due to buffering? 4) What is...
  18. CHOP

    I Gravity Waves or Gravity Delay: Exploring Both

    Or both? The cycling between 'stretch' and 'squeeze' is caused by the orientation changing of the black holes with respect to us. Correct? This is understood as waves (or pulses) moving through space, Correct? So they take time to get to us. So, consider the orientation which yields us being...
  19. M

    Delay and Sum Beamforming Equation Derivation

    Homework Statement I have to simplify this beam form (equation 1) which simplifies to equation 2 and then finally to equation 3. Homework Equations equation 1: e^-ix((1-e^y)/(1-e^z)) where x = Beta*M_(1/2), y = beta*M, z= Beta equation 2: sin(M*Beta/2)/(sin(Beta/2)) equation 3...
  20. A

    I Would going to the Moon delay going to Mars?

    Former 'Mars czar' in a Phys.org interview: Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-08-mars-czar-latest-news-red.html#jCp But would it? Surely the Moon is a perfect launchpad for Mars, a testbed, and a supply base? Going from Earth direct is a truly huge task. From an established Lunar...
  21. Wrichik Basu

    Have you suffered for delay in submission of research paper?

    Say you were doing some research on some topic. You were very enthusiastic with it, and you had devoted a large amount of time in the research. Perhaps you would have been the first to discover something or make a theory on it. Then all of a sudden, one day you discover that someone else has...
  22. S

    Creating a TMR0 delay using PIC16F84?

    Hi all, I am trying to create a very basic delay using a TMR0 (timer) function as part of a rotating sequence for 4 LED’s with the option to reverse direction. I know I’m almost there but I could do with a little guidance to be honest. I’m using PIC16F84 and datasheet can be downloaded from...
  23. E

    I 2 second delay at the merger of two neutron stars in August 2017

    Some new papers appeared about processes in the collision of the two neutron stars, measured in August 2017. Is now more clear, why 2 second delay between gamma rays and gravitational waves happens?
  24. M

    MHB Hypothesis Test for Public Transport On-Time Claim with Example

    Hey! :o A public transport company claims that its buses are at least $95\%$ on time. (A bus is still on time here, if he has at most $3$ minutes delay compared to the timetable.) A sample size of $n = 1000$ at various stops results in $66$ delays. The probability that a randomly selected bus...
  25. C

    I Time Delay on Multiple Photons when travelling from one plac

    I'm trying to understand the time delay induced on each photon when several individual photons travel in an open space from a sender to a receiver for example in the application of Quantum Key Distribution. So what I understand so far is light(photon) travel around 299,792 km (186,282 miles) per...
  26. Rorshach

    Tympani in a concert hall: calculating Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and delay

    Homework Statement Hello. I have a problem, which is as follows: A seat in a concert hall is 84 ft from the tympani. The tympanist strikesa single note. The sound pressure level of the direct sound of the note at the seat is measured to be 55 dB. The first reflection from the nearest sidewall...
  27. Y

    Transmission line voltage delay

    The voltage value on a wire a distance away from the signal-port (where we apply the initial voltage) has a phase delay because the current takes time to travel down the wire. But how do you visualize this? First we have a voltage at the beginning, and that causes current to flow. Then a...
  28. supak111

    Make a very simple mechanical time delay?

    Hey everyone, I need to make or design a simple mechanical time delay. This probably isn't easy since I can't find anything on the market that's small and cheap. Was thinking some wind up toy might work, haven't found the right one yet. I was thinking maybe small box with a rod coming out of...
  29. Abdul Wali

    How to choose the sampling time for the delay unit

    hi, i am designing a fuzzy logic controller, i need to use a delay block for the change in error signal now i don't know that based on what factors should i choose the sampling time for this unit
  30. O

    Projectile Prediction with Acceleration & Delay

    Hello, I'm working on a (private) Software Project and Part of that is finding a Way to Predict Projectile Positions. My thought's are explained from a Code View a little bit, but I tried to clarify everything so everyone could understand what's going on. (It's my first time in this Forum, I...
  31. Abdul Wali

    Time Delay Margin: Good Large or Small?

    I have a question regarding the time delay margin. I know the definition of time delay margin now I want to know that for the stability of the system is it good to have large time delay margin or small time delay margin?
  32. G

    I Delay in normal-to-Meissner state

    If we switch a super-conductor between normal and Meissner states, using varying magnetic field, there has to be some delay from when the field exceeds the critical field to the appearance of Meissner state. Have there been any experimental measurements of this delay? What are the measured values?
  33. H

    I One by one photon delay in double slit experiment

    In a 'one photon at a time' double slit experiment, does the interference pattern still emerges if the time delay between individual photon emissions is increased to minutes or even hours?
  34. M

    How does Lenz's law delay coil field collapse in magnetos?

    Perhaps the title of this post is not quite correct because I could not find a way to abbreviate what I am asking. Picture a magneto circuit, where, an alternator is used to generate an AC flux into a primary coil of a ignition coil by means of a magnetic core (the primary is wrapped around the...
  35. N

    What is preventing me from achieving better accuracy for this delay?

    I have 2 PERFECT data of the transmitter and receiver. From 2 data, I can calculate the delay estimation: Fs = 8e6; % sample rate ... for i = 1:2 [cc_correlation,lag] = xcorr(signal2(i), signal1); [cc_maximum, cc_time] = max(abs(cc_correlation)); cc_estimation...
  36. E

    Why do photons pass through particles with a delay

    hi everyone. i'm only 16 so please beer that in mind. I've been doing some reading around and have come across the idea that light slows down in an dense medium as a result of the photons moving tough other particles with a slight delay however they retain all factors about them selves apron...
  37. H

    Troubleshooting Analog Delay Line Simulation in Multisim

    I'm trying to construct an analog delay (series of low pass filters) and demonstrate the properties of a transmission line (reflection, attenuating etc.) using a multisim simulation (my attempt attached below). But on the oscilloscope I don't get any kind of reflection. What should I do...
  38. N

    How to calculate Time Delay Estimation?

    I have 2 data files, which links are attached below: Transmitted data https://www.dropbox.com/s/0nmhw6mpgh7upmv/TX.dat?dl=0 Received data https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgyo6le3bcmd25r/RX.dat?dl=0 Those binary data are read by this MATLAB code: %% initial values: nsamps = inf; nstart = 0; %% input...
  39. N

    Understanding time delay estimation for GPS?

    I really need help to understand these questions which is highlight, for the GPS situation, I hope anyone who has been working in this situation before, please help me to have a clear understanding about "time delay estimation": Here is the scenario: 1. Suppose I know precisely I have transmit...
  40. E

    Group delay with Gaussian pulse

    Hello! Starting from a gaussian waveform propagating in a dispersive medium, is it possible to obtain an expression for the waveform at a generic time t, when the dispersion is not negligible? I know that a generic gaussian pulse (considered as an envelope of a carrier at frequency k_c) can be...
  41. Pilotman Ray

    Aircraft Start Sequence Trainer/Mockup

    I am stuck in the middle of building a circuit for an aircraft starting mockup that will train our students to correctly start the aircraft without accidentally re-engaging the starter and thus causing very costly maintenance actions. The system is 12v. We would like to have a 10 second delay...
  42. Zan24C

    I The Shapiro delay and falling into a black hole

    I realize that this question has been asked many times on this forum, however, I have yet to come across a satisfying/understandable answer that takes into account gravitational time dilation. Premise: The speed of light inside a gravitational field is slowed down relative to a distant observer...
  43. A

    Photoelectric effect and zero time delay

    How does the zero time delay between illumination of light and emission of photo electron provides an evidence for the particle nature of light?
  44. N

    How to calculate standard deviation from the delay?

    I am trying to calculate the unit vector and standard deviation of the signal. I hope everyone can give me ideas. Here is my scenario: I have 2 rx channels: - f is channel 1 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - g is channel 2 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - from f and g, I can...
  45. N

    How to calculate the time delay based on a function of antenna angle?

    Hi everyone, I am a new student who is studying on collecting data from TV signal. I hope everyone can help me for ideas. I am having spectrum analyzer which can define a TV station around me, so I chose 4 stations WHUT-TV [584MHz 590MHz], WPXN-TV [590MHz 596MHz], WTTG [60 MHz 608MHz], and WNVC...
  46. moenste

    Alpha emission decay: maximum possible delay

    Homework Statement A tube containing a isotope of radon, 22286Rn, is to be implanted in a patient. The radon has an initial activity of 1.6 * 104 Bq, a half-life of 4 days and it decays by alpha emission. To provide the correct dose, the tube, containing a freshly prepared sample of the...
  47. K

    Magnetic fields and currents - question about time delay

    Suppose there is a solenoid near an accelerating electron. The electron must create a changing magnetic field. By Lenz's law, an emf is induced in the coil. One question is, how *fast* is the emf induced in the coil? Is the emf just there instantaneously or does it take time to formulate? And...
  48. S

    Admissions Is a delay in getting BSc important for admission to MSc?

    I'm currently doing my Bachelor of Physics in Italy, my projects for the future are to apply for a MSc in Physics in some good European universities in Germany or in the UK. (Just to say, I was thinking about München or London). Unfortunately I'm not sure I will be able to end my studies in the...
  49. baby_1

    Linearly Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating group delay

    Homework Statement Here is my problem : I want to know where does group delay equation come form? Homework Equations As I checked reference 21 it only indicates The Attempt at a Solution I'm following how can I start and solve this problem
  50. mister mishka

    How to delay (and control) a composite video signal?

    Hey, I want to set my own delays to a composite video signal, for use of live video feedback effects (for visuals / art purposes). I am no electrician, but this can't be hard to do right? After searching a few hours online, I haven't come up with any device that I can buy which will do this. Is...