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One way fluid valve- no moving parts

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    I am trying to come up with a shape or design of a simple piston with holes that will allow fluid to flow in one direction better than the other. Very Simple shock design.

    I have tried tapered holes so as to speed up flow in one direction and it worked slightly but haven't quite found the design that gives me enough difference to do what I want.

    I am looking to cut flow to about 1/2 in one direction compared to the other.
    Or speed flow in one direction it doesn't matter.

    Any ideas ?
    Or at Least a direction to look towards?

    I've seen the tesla valve but it is much to large to use on something so small.
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    The typical solution is to use a check valve with a hole in the poppet. If you need accuracy, perhaps you could use two parallel tubing circuits, each with a check valve in one direction and an orifice or needle valve to provide precise flow restriction.
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    I understand.

    I wish I could but this is a much smaller scale. 14mm piston. going to be too small to do much. I've used a flexible flap over some of the holes on one side. This works but it's not immediate. I just want to simplify.

    Am I off in thinking that I can speed the velocity of the fluid in one direction with tapered holes or shaping them a certain way?
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