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OneDrive for business - easy access to folder structure?

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    I'm considering using OneDrive for business as a part of Office 365. What I'm unsure about is how to use it exactly. What I need it for is simply as a way of accessing my files and folders in the File Explorer. What I don't get is this sync-business I keep reading about. If the only thought behind syncing is so that I can work offline, then syncing is of no interest to me as I never do. I only need to have online access to my files and folders.

    The Sharepoint-area is not very user-friendly in terms of navigating the folder structure, drag-and-drop, and such compared to File Explorer, which is why I either need to use the OneDrive for business-app, or map it as a network drive. Both of which are useless solutions should I ever want to log in to a computer that doesn't have one of these already set up.

    Is there a solution that can give me access to my folder structure and files in a user-friendly way, and also be easy to log in to on a "random" computer?
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    Google-Drive offers free "cloud" storage of copies of files on your computer. These copies can be accessed by any* computer connected to the internet : no special software required. [ * security options can be selected restricting access ].

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    I use Google Drive and recommend it.
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    To get the kind of experience you are after you need a drive mapping tool. This will ensure that when you sign in to Windows a drive is automatically mapped to your OneDrive for Business. Then you can work with your files through Windows File Explorer just like they were on an on-premises file server.

    An example of a tool like this is Zee Drive http://www.thinkscape.com/Map-Network-Drives-To-Office-365-OneDrive/

    Note that Zee Drive is a commercial tool.
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    Both Google Drive and OneDrive can be accessed via browsers, have you tried that?
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