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Online help for calculation of estimate for renovation of interiors.

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    General interiors of my house need a complete renovation regarding mirrored closet door & window casing, suspended acoustic ceilings, walls (i.e. insulation, vapour, barrier, drywall, tape) and retro fitment of central vacuum. Please suggest any website that caters online help in calculation of the estimate before I start the job. All advices and tips are welcome. Thanks!
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    This is something professional cost estimators get paid a lot of money to do [poorly].

    Here is a set of books with data on all sorts of construction costs: http://www.rsmeans.com/
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    Thanks for this thread, and the replies. I'm facing more work than I care to think about getting my house fixed up. (Luckily, though, I have professional tradesmen friends who will work for beer.)
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    Well that web site sucked for me. I clicked on my state, then doors, only to find out there are no doors in my state at all!:surprised
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    Unfortunately this type of information is VERY local in nature. The only way to get a real idea is to call in a (several) contractors and have them give you an estimate.


    Head for Home Depot and start pricing the items you want, then do it your self.
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