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Oopic module to control a robot

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    I have just bought an oopic module to control a robot, the problem is the cable for programing
    has a plug that will not fit into my laptop.
    http://www.oopic.com/pricing.htm [Broken]
    Is there a way around this?
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    Re: Cable

    That's a serial port. You can always get a serial to usb adapter.

    Something like this:

    http://www.cablemax.com/detail/index.cfm?nPID=70720 [Broken]
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    Re: Cable

    Which OOPic are you referring to on that page Wolly? It appears only the " - R " has a DB9 serial interface. The others look like they use pin headers for output. They already have a cabling adaptor (listed on that page) going from a 5pin header to a DB25 connector.
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