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Open Mind - What is an 'open mind'?

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    Is it something which is able to accept pretty much any subject matter in relation to this message boards rules of conduct and intent?

    Unlocked. Curious. Interested.
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    There are two extremes of open mindedness. One extreme is the aetherial open mind. This is identified as the AOM. Every conceivable thought enters and exists without resistance or adherence. The second extreme, type II, is the completely gooey open mind (CGOM). Anything at all that passes within its radius will stick and be incorporated.

    Which extrimal or medial did you have in mind?
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    some people define a 'open mind' as the " 'other person' as always accepting the other person's opinion and statement as a possible truth no matter how fantastic/personal/unrealistic the statement is....

    but, there's always a line when is crosses over to bias, ludicrous, impossible, unrelated, illogical, etc.

    "Open minded:
    Open mindedness is when even if you think you are right, you know that you can be wrong and are always willing to listen to and hear an opposing or contradictory view. "

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Open minded

    edit: and against the rules of the given forum or circumstance...
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    Having an open mind means being willing to accept possibility, but evaluating probability. It does not mean believing in everything. There is a difference between having an open mind and having a hole in your head from which your brain leaks out, as James Randi so eloquently put it.
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    I think Sagan said it better.
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    I think having an open mind says a lot about your own self confidence.
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