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Homework Help: Optimization with constraints matlab

  1. Jun 17, 2014 #1


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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Just a heads up, this is a problem with parts (a) - (o). I am working on (k). I am working on problem 5 in the attached PDF. I will show my code for the other parts. We were told to use N = 5 while writing the code for debugging and testing, but run N = 500 for the real assignment. Either way, it doesn't make a difference right now because I don't know the synthax for finding indices in arrays for a single index.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Code (Text):
    bMin = 0.001;
    bMax = 0.2;
    hMin = 0.001;
    hMax = 0.2;
    Pv = 1000;
    Ph = 100;
    Code (Text):
    N = 500;
    Code (Text):
    bValues = linspace(bMin,bMax,N);
    hValues = linspace(hMin,hMax,N);
    Code (Text):
    B = repmat(bValues,N,1)';
    H = repmat(hValues,N,1);
    Code (Text):
    S1 = (6*Pv)./(B.*H.^2);
    Code (Text):
    S2 = (6*Ph)./(B.^2.*H);
    Code (Text):
    D1 = (4*Pv)./(2e11.*B.*H.^3);
    Code (Text):
    D2 = (4*Ph)./(2e11.*B.^3.*H);
    Code (Text):
    A = B.*H;
    Code (Text):
    constraints = find((S1 < 1e8) & (S2 < 1e8) & (D1 < 0.001) & (D2 < .001));
    nValidDesigns = numel(constraints);
    This is where I am now stuck. I'm not sure what command I can use to find the single index of the valid designs from part (j).
    Code (Text):
    [indexValidDesigns, I] = find((S1 < 1e8) & (S2 < 1e8) & (D1 < 0.001) & (D2 < .001));

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    I just redid what I put in part (j)

    Code (Text):
    indexValidDesigns = find((S1 < 1e8) & (S2 < 1e8) & (D1 < 0.001) & (D2 < .001));
    And the autograder gave said its right. Kind of dumb that part (k) is just the same thing as part(j), no??

    I will put any more questions pertaining to this problem in this thread. Thanks.
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