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Homework Help: Orbital radius help

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    im not getting this problem AT ALL:

    You are an astronaut in the space shuttle pursuing a satellite in need of repair. You find yourself in a circular orbit of the same radius as the satellite, but 30.7 km behind it. How long will it take to reach the satellite if you reduce your orbital radius by 1.09 km? You can assume the space shuttle has an orbit of 200 miles above the Earth's surface.
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    Equate the gravitational force with the centripetal one and from there u should be able to find the angular velocity.
    The speed difference between the shuttle and the satellite will result simply from the fact that both the shuttle and the satellite would move with the same angular velocity.
    With the distance and the difference in speed,u should be able to find the time.

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    i tried it, but im getting the wrong answer. wat numerical value did u get when u did it?
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