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Ordered a couple of AoPS textbooks

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    Not those in particular, but I've skimmed their Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 books, which were pretty good.
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    I have used their books in high school to self-study for math competitions (haven't seen their calculus and pre-calculus books as they are recent additions). I liked them and feel they adequately prepared me for the earlier stages of competition, and later on prepared me for the more advanced material. In particular I like that they focus on problem solving which is really the hard part of high school and early college material. I have no experience in using them for an actual class though.
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    Yeah these are for self-study. The online textbook my class uses is crap. The images that are supposed to explain the problems are missing and the formatting is completely off.

    I'll probably get Vol. 1 and 2 in a couple of months so I can try my hand at AMC12.
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