1. KingOfDirewolves

    Intro Physics Competitive Physics by Jinhui Wang and Bernard Ricardo

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/9813235187/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Should I use this book to prepare for the Physics Olympiad?
  2. U

    Other I need advice on preparations for studying calculus

    Hello, I am new to physicsforums and I am still a high school student so I would like to have advice on what books should be relevant on preparation for calculus and more math beyond. I have basic algebra and geometry foundation and I would like to learn more high school math and up. So my plan...
  3. M

    Foundations How to effectively study a mathematics textbook?

    Hello I am looking to find advice on the most optimal and efficient way to properly and deeply study a mathematics textbook, such that I completely understand everything and thus giving me good foundations for future study of more advanced mathematics. However, I want to change my ways of...
  4. S

    Classical Textbook or other resource with comprehensive challenging problems?

    Hi all, can you recommend a textbook or other resource with comprehensive (meaning spanning multiple subjects) and challenging physics problems and also the solutions? I have already worked through Giancoli (no-calculus), Ohanian (calc based) and the two dummies workbooks. I have been working...
  5. S

    Other Smirnov's "Course of Higher Mathematics"

    Hi, I recently have rekindled my love for mathematics while in University for Political Science. I have reviewed all of my old pre cal books, but now I want to start learning Calculus eventually on to more difficult things like PDEs and things of that nature. I like having a series of textbooks...
  6. S

    Other Textbooks needed to cover everything in university (undergrad to PhD)

    First of all we are talking about theoretical physics (particle physics, general relativity and cosmology) These textbooks start from highschool level physics and math and cover everything from there (both math and physics wise).
  7. Jarvis323

    Plasma Which order should I read these in?

    I'm a computer scientist with aspirations to apply myself to fundamental research, data analysis, or computation, in physics; And these are the books I've purchased so far but haven't read. Which order do you think I should read these? Or more generally, how should I schedule the reading of...
  8. A

    Classical Textbook for Classical Mechanics

    I am self studying Classical Mechanics and I am a bit confused about this. After reading Kleppner Kolenkow Mechanics can I read Symon's Mechanics or do I need to read anything in between like Fowels or Marion&Thornton? I already studied the Maths portion upto Multivariable Calculus,Real...
  9. J

    Other Textbook Reading Notes

    Often when I read a chapter in a textbook and don't understand something, I find "reading notes" by other students extremely helpful. Oftentimes in these notes other readers have simply written down summaries of the sections in their own words. These descriptions of the "same thing" in...
  10. PhysicsMarco

    Do most textbooks not help their readers?

    I've discovered this essay, which argues that most textbooks are actually written for the authors and not for the readers. I also think that most textbooks are not very helpful after all, but I find the phenomenon still strange. Writing a textbook is a long, tedious job and certainly not...
  11. Saqib Ali

    Other MOOCs vs Textbooks for computer science students

    https://backdoorgraduteschooladmissions.quora.com/Mastering-lower-division-mathematics-courses-especially-for-computer-science-majors The above link has a list of free online material to learn a lot of the math required in computer science. I'm already a 4th year undergrad, but I didn't learn...
  12. N

    Point me in the right direction -- Quantum Physics learning resources

    I am trying to learn all about Quantum Physics on my own but I am struggling to find credible sources of information. As you are probably aware the internet is filled with misconceptions, crackpot science and weird stuff about spirituality (at least that's what I find when I try and research...
  13. NFuller

    Strangest thing you have read in a textbook

    What are the most poorly worded sentences or oddest figures that you have come across in a textbook? It could be something in the general text or in the practice problems. Please cite the book if you can so others can find it!
  14. qspeechc

    B Publishing: LibreOffice or Latex?

    Firstly, sorry I didn't know where was the correct place to put this. I'd like to know from publishers or published authors etc. I've just started writing a textbook on school maths. Preferrably I would like to use LibreOffice, but I could use Latex too. Do publishers prefer Latex, or would...
  15. Gleaner

    Astrophysics Next level up from pop science texts?

    I am looking into self studying astrophysics, but not to an academic professional level. I am at the moment going through the Khan Academy material in maths, physics and astronomy. I am in no hurry to grasp all the material, as my reason for self study is more interest than professional...
  16. P

    Engineering Engineering for Physicists

    Hello, I have a very strong background in math and physics (completed most of undergraduate degrees). I want to learn mechanical and electrical engineering principles and believe that I can start learning at an advanced level. Can you recommend some sources?
  17. D

    Engineering Recommended textbooks based on provided topics (supplementary undergrad texts)

    well hello everyone! I have just started my college and i have in mind to find books that are beneficial to certain subject im studying and i asking for your help. I'm not an English native so im gonna help you help me by providing a subject description so you can tell me your recommendations...
  18. C

    Cosmology textbooks

    I'd really appreciate if someone could recomend me a (some) good textbook(s) about cosmology. My mathematical background knowledge is: - Usual stuff. - Differential geometry: Nash and Sen book. Nakahara book - Topology (algebraic and differential): Nash and Sen book. Nakahara book. - Group...
  19. DeathbyGreen

    Solid State Kittel Textbook

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in general discussion or in solid state section, but am I the only one who finds the Kittel textbook horrible? It seems full of semi-empirical, basic math, and boring, surface level observations written as dryly as possible. I really like solid state physics...
  20. MexChemE

    Other Your personal science library

    Hello, PF! I had been meaning for some time already to start a thread like this, in which we can share our personal, technical (math, physics, engineering) library (as a list or in pictures too), and also recommend your favorite textbooks or handbooks. Here is my collection so far, as a junior...
  21. T

    Other Junior-level Modern Physics textbook suggestions

    Hello All, I am looking for suggestions for a junior-level Modern Physics textbook to read over the summer for the purpose of preparing me to take senior-level Quantum Mechanics in the fall. I have a solid Math background so a text that would possess some level of mathematical rigorousness...
  22. entropy1

    B After the 'Theoretical minimum' series, what is essential to know about QM?

    The adagium of most quantumphysics-afficionado's is: "Shut up and calculate" - 'learn the formalism'. So I started with Leonard Susskind's 'Theoretical minimum' textbooks. So now I know a little (very little) about the formalism, I started to wonder to which extent I have to go to educate...
  23. P

    Chemistry Chemistry Tutorial Series

    Hi, I would like to learn chemistry, and I am self taught. I would like to learn chemistry to the point, where if i see a chemical equation, I then know exactly what I need to do to synthesize it, and was wondering if anyone could provide any resources for me to do that. Thank you very much...
  24. T

    Other Need Help With HSC Self Study Textbooks

    So I am in the area in between years 10-11. I am currently on exchange and I have a lot of time so I thought I would study for year 11's topics so that the next few years would be easier. The main subjects I wan't to focus on are Biology and Chemistry. I had bought a book without doing any real...
  25. E

    Calculus Really need to read the textbook?

    Hello everybody, I am taking a calculus 1 course at my local community college this summer. I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to read the textbook in math because I see it that the professor teaches the theory and techniques in lecture, and covers the same exact material. Right? What...
  26. G

    Intro Math Learning Mathematics

    Hi. I've recently finished high school and am planning to study science/physics, hence I'll be doing a lot of calculus courses but I'm looking to do more than that. I was looking to find some good sources, whether they be online or in textbook format or whatever. As for where I'm at currently, I...
  27. andrewkirk

    Quantum Physics textbooks on Kindle or other e-books

    For two books that have been recommended today on PhysForums, when I followed the links to look them up (both Amazon links) I saw they were available on Kindle as well as hard copy. This seems to me to be a new development, as I can't remember seeing any e-book versions of technical mathematical...
  28. Soumalya

    Engineering A choice for a Heat and Mass Transfer Reference TextBook

    Which of the two books would you pick as an undergraduate engineering student if you were to study the subject of Heat and Mass Transfer entirely on your own? 1. Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications by Cengel & Ghajar 2. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by...
  29. A

    Calculus A good calculus book for physics

    I am an advanced 8th grader and I'm very interested in physics. However, I want to study calculus first (I know precaculus, but I will study it a bit further before beginning calculus). Does anyone have recommendations for good, interesting calculus books if my main goal in studying it now (as...
  30. Z

    Calculus Good calculus textbook for physics, and vice versa?

    There are two textbooks each of calculus and physics which interest me. I am almost finished Stewart's Precalculus, which I have spent countless hundreds of hours on over these last couple of months in autodidactic zeal; and I am intent upon doing over a calculus textbook before moving on to...