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A textbook is a book containing a comprehensive compilation of content in a branch of study with the intention of explaining it. Textbook are produced to meet the needs of educators, usually at educational institutions. Schoolbooks are textbooks and other books used in schools. Today, many textbooks are published in both print and digital formats.

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  1. tas_dogu

    Quantum Math Textbooks to Read Before Starting QFT

    So, I am a 4th year physics student (undergrad), and I will do my master, then hopefully my PhD on theoretical physics. In my university, we take 1 year QM/Classical Electrodynamics/Classical Mechanics in terms of physics then the second year we pick the classes we want to take, I will take QFT...
  2. Frabjous

    Quantum Constructing Quantum Mechanics by Duncan

    Anyone read these books and care to share their thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/Constructing-Quantum-Mechanics-Scaffold-1900-1923/dp/0198845472/?tag=pfamazon01-20 https://www.amazon.com/Constructing-Quantum-Mechanics-Arch-1923-1927/dp/0198883900/?tag=pfamazon01-20
  3. Florian Geyer

    Methods for assessing textbook quality -- Expert opinions needed

    Hello respected members. I hope this message will find you all well, I have came across a brand new textbook on quantum mechanics by J. D. Jackson, not his previous book (mathematics for quantum mechanics) but a new one edited by another physicist based on his lecture notes... I first thought...
  4. Florian Geyer

    Applied A question about mathematics textbooks for physicists

    Hello esteemed members, I have a question with regard to what a physicist should study in mathematics. I tried hard to find a solution to this question but I couldn't, I have just reached to some conclusions I think they are true but I am entirely not sure, thus I decided to put this question...
  5. H

    Introducing integral in textbooks

    I was very surprised to read the following in Needham, Visual Complex Analysis: "It is therefore doubly puzzling that the Trapezoidal formula is taught in every introductory calculus course, while it appears that the midpoint Riemann sum RM is seldom even mentioned." I was surprised because I...
  6. Brief-Wishbone

    Comp Sci Why is there so much bluff in computer science textbooks?

    I'm reading operating system concepts the dinosaur book as a linuxadmin to understand operating system concepts, but I find most stuffs there to be bluffly written. Total garbage. I'm currently reading about file system. Do have a look at it. It feels like authors are intentionally wanting to...
  7. P

    Intro Physics “Fundamental University Physics” by Alonso and Finn - out of date?

    Hi, I was going through “Fundamental University Physics” by Alonso and Finn, and I’m wondering how much of it is out of date. Obviously the tone and style is from the 60s, but if I were to go through all 3 volumes in depth, how much of the info would be inaccurate/wrong based on what we know...
  8. proofmaker

    Could a Teenager's Theorem Make it into Textbooks?

    Hi i am a teenager that wants to put a theorem that will be in my textbooks
  9. J

    Second year Physics student reading list questions

    I'm now moving on to my second year at Warwick and have ended up with 2 internships this summer. I've also been looking at the subject reading lists. I will be taking Statistical mechanics, Electromagnetic theory, Optics, Hamiltonian mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Quantum mechanics, among others...
  10. JohnPython

    Applied I need some textbooks about Mathematical models please

    Hi, I need some textbooks about Mathematical models, thanks:cool:
  11. topsquark

    Algebra Find Algebraic Physics Courses Starting with Classical Mechanics - Dan

    I just finished an online YouTube Quantum Mechanics course by Frederic Schuller. The course was in two parts, the one Schuller was doing was theory; it was an approach I had been trying to develop myself and had never found anywhere. I don't know what exactly to call the course label: it was...
  12. N

    Other Which Springer books to buy? (QM, GR and statistical mechanics)

    Hello, Springer books are on sale this week so I wanted to buy some textbooks to support my studies and (eventual) future career. I'm an undergrad (in europe) and my courses next year will be QM, GR and statistical mechanics, so I was looking for books about these topics, but any suggestion on...
  13. T

    Classical Comparing Fundamentals & Principles of Physics 11th Edition Textbooks

    I am curious to know if there are any notable differences in the amount and difficulty of the questions between Fundamentals of Physics Extended 11th Edition and Principles of Physics 11th Edition. Additionally, I would like to know if both textbooks treat the theory in the same manner in terms...
  14. LittleSchwinger

    Quantum What are some good modern Quantum Optics textbooks?

    What would people here say are good modern Quantum Optics textbooks?
  15. C

    Why do some physics textbooks say P = dK/dt and others say P = dE/dt?

    Are they assuming that E = K in physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics, but I though E = K + U?Many thanks!
  16. whatevs

    Intro Math Are the (translated) High School Japanese maths textbooks by Kodaira Good?

    I'm trying to review some high school maths and work my way to Calculus and Linear Algebra, and I found these three translations of Japanese maths textbooks translated by the AMS and edited by Kunihiko Kodaira. The AMS links to them are: https://bookstore.ams.org/cdn-1669378252560/mawrld-8/...
  17. Q

    Quantum Advanced Quantum Mechanics Textbooks: Derivations of Equations

    Hi I’m looking for a textbook that shows the derivations of equations such as the different forms of the schrodinger equation fully and step by step.
  18. BadgerBadger92

    Intro Physics Best Physics, Algebra, and Trigonometry Textbooks (Modern)

    I am looking for good textbooks in physics, algebra, and trigonometry textbooks that are up to date and a good read. I heard that Feynman’s Lectures was really good. Is it still up to date enough? Any opinions?
  19. Darkside

    Algebra College Algebra, Mathematics & Trigonometry Textbooks

    Some textbooks I found online ( open source ) College Trigonometry 3rd Corrected Edition - STITZ ZEAGER OPEN SOURCE MATHEMATICS Precalculus 3rd, Corrected Edition - Lakeland Community College, Lorain County Community College A First Course in Linear Algebra - Robert A. Beezer Cheers.
  20. N

    Calculus Comparing "Calculus" and "Early Transcendentals" Textbooks for MST124

    I'm going to be starting my first Mathematics module (MST124 - Essential Mathematics I, at the Open University) and I have been looking or a Calculus textbook to use as a supplementary text. I've found a couple of textbooks that I like the look of (Stewart's and Larson's), which both come in...
  21. TGV320

    Calculus Textbooks for calculus learning

    Hi, I am going to be a 1st year college student in China this fall. I have a lot of interest for calculus and math in general, and I am wondering if the books I have in hand are good for self study. High school math here stopped the at the derivatives, didn't went further. The two books I...
  22. Ahmed1029

    Studying What are the prerequisites before studying biophysics textbooks?

    I'm interested in biophysics but I don't know much biology or chemistry to begin with, yet I know a good bit of math and physics. What topics in biology and chemistry should I cover before reading a book on biophysics?
  23. matqkks

    Classical Mathematics textbooks

    What are the classical mathematics textbooks for advanced and undergraduate level that a mathematician should possess?
  24. matqkks

    Where to Find Mathematics Textbooks from the 1920s-1980s?

    Where can I purchase old mathematics textbooks up to undergraduate mathematics? I am ideally looking for books from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
  25. matqkks

    Looking for old mathematics textbooks (high school to undergrad level)

    Where can I purchase old mathematics textbooks on Advanced level (16-18 year olds) or undergraduate mathematics? I am ideally looking for books from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
  26. W

    Quantum Textbooks or articles as an introduction to superconductors

    Hi, As an Undergraduate student I'm looking for some textbooks and/or articles as an introduction to superconductors. I have a homework to do as final project not exactly in this field but related. and I would like to understand what exactly is a superconductor as well as use those textbooks...
  27. A

    Chemistry Degree of Ionization in Chemistry Textbooks

    Can someone please tell me what is the chemistry textbook that available about degree of ionization? I use Chemistry the Central Science textbook by Brown. Unfortunately I couldn't find about degree of ionization in this textbook. Degree of ionization is studied in undergraduate of Mechanical...
  28. B

    Help me use my library of textbooks to form a study plan

    Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well. I'm an ex-physics and math student, now getting my PhD in mathematical biology, and I've recently come back to the subjects because I miss them and feel like it'd be fun to get proficient in some of this again. I've been mostly working on building my...
  29. Santiago24

    Classical Textbooks of celestial mechanics

    Hi I'm reading classical mechanics by Taylor and there is a section about Kepler orbits that i find very interesting so i'd like to see more of classical mechanics with space applications. I appreciate rigouros mathematical books, thanks
  30. EdmundRonald

    Intro Physics Readable paper version of Feynman's Physics textbooks

    Hi, In my old age I've gone back to study physics at college. I own a really old (1976) edition of Feynman's physics textbooks, but the paper has yellowed to the point where I have trouble reading them, the contrast is low even though the print quality is ok. Is there a printing on good...
  31. elleninphysics

    Intro Physics BEST Calc- and Algebra-Based Textbooks with the same Chapter Sequence?

    Hi there! I am teaching the algebra- and calculus-based physics courses at my university. The courses are taught at different times but in parallel, and students from both courses share the same lab sections. I'd like to keep them on the same content schedule without jumping around the...
  32. Santiago24

    Quantum Introductory quantum mechanics textbook for self-study

    Hi! I want to self study some of quantum mechanics so i need introductory textbook. I've taken courses on linear algebra that covers all "Linear algebra done right" by Sheldon Axler, multivariable calculus, two courses on general physics and the basics of differentials equations. I really like...
  33. Falgun

    Classical Electromagnetism textbooks

    I have always been interested in learning more about electromagnetism after going through Resnick Halliday Krane 5th edition. Upon reading a few ( read quite a lot) of E&M book threads, I have come to realize that the following texts are often pitched as alternatives to each other: Griffiths...
  34. Mr.Husky

    Analysis Opinions on textbooks on Analysis

    What are your opinions on Barry Simon's "A Comprehensive Course in Analysis" 5 volume set. I bought them with huge discount (paperback version). But I am not sure should I go through these books? I have 4 years and can spend 12 hours a week on them. Note- I am now studying real analysis from...
  35. Strange_Baryon

    Calculus Learning Calculus with Stewart: Exercise Sets Explained

    Hello PF, After thinking, googling, and reading many threads here, I decided that I'm going to start learning calculus using Stewart. The problem is that the book puts too many exercises after each section, in addition to those at the end of each chapter. What's the difference between these...
  36. S

    Classical Waves books -- Looking for better textbooks to augment my class materials

    Are there any good textbooks about waves? Like Pain or French except written competently, devoid of mistakes and logical even axiomatic. Ambitious with strong math. Can be old. We were recommended to read Pain but that book is a joke and French is just a simplified version thereof. Problems are...
  37. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...
  38. 1

    Biology Why do these biology textbooks write 'differential' as an adjective?

    Are these books using 'differential' correctly? Why not just write 'different'? 1. Handbook of the Biology of Aging edited by Edward J. Masoro, Steven N. Austad. p 480. 2. The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology edited by David L. Hull, Michael Ruse. p 46. 3. p 78. 4. Dictionary...
  39. S

    Quantum Open Quantum Systems textbooks with exercises?

    The standard reference for open quantum systems is The Theory of Open Quantum Systems by Breuer and Petruccione, which seems well-written but it lacks exercises, as do all the other textbooks I googled. Does someone have a recommendation for a textbook on open quantum systems with problems to...
  40. Santiago24

    Analysis Multivariable analysis textbooks

    Hi! the next semester i'll take a course on multivariable calculus but i'd like to study it now. I've "Principles of mathematical analysis" by W.Rudin but i heard that the sections about this are hard to read. If there is a textbook like "Understading analysis" by Stephen Abbott but in...
  41. Falgun

    Geometry Confusion about Differential Geometry Books

    I was just browsing through the textbooks forum a few days ago when I came across a post on differential geometry books. Among the others these two books by the same author seem to be the most widely recommended: Elementary Differential Geometry (Barret O' Neill) Semi-Riemannian Geometry with...
  42. anmac1789

    Other Publisher/editor writing science textbooks

    how do publishers and editors write and make mathematical function graphs and format their textbooks... ? what softwares and programs do calculus or chemistry publishers use to create their textbooks ? Thanks
  43. G

    How to sell math/physics textbooks in Europe?

    Hello everyone, I don't know if that's the correct place to ask this (didn't want to pollute the science and math textbooks recommendations), sorry if it is not. I have undergraduate physics and mathematics textbooks that I am trying to sell. I live in Belgium and I bought textbooks...
  44. vadimuha

    Intro Physics What are some textbooks and problem sets I can use to learn physics?

    I'm looking to pre-calculus physics textbooks with problems sets. I need something as rigorous as possible. Problem sets can be separate from textbooks
  45. D

    Chemistry Reference book on catalytic mechanisms of enzymes

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone knows of a reference book on enzymes that discusses each enzyme's catalytic mechanism(s). I've consulted several books that explain the different categories of enzymatic catalysis but I'm looking more for an encyclopedic reference that explains such...
  46. AdvaitDhingra

    Calculus What are some affordable textbooks for learning math concepts for physics?

    Hey guys, so I was on this thread on tips for self studding physics as a high schooler with the aim to become a theoretical (quantum) physicist in the future. I myself am a 15 year old who wants to become a theoretical physicist in the future. A lot of people in the thread were saying that...
  47. Santiago24

    Calculus Calculus textbooks with good sections on integration

    Hi I'm having troubles with integration specially by substitution, I'm going to read a calculus textbook and i need recommendations of books with a good treatment on the different techniques of integration. I'd like a book with good exercises for self study and a exposure to integration of...
  48. F

    Classical Calculus-based physics textbooks

    Hello I am myself trying to find good calculus-based physics textbooks at an introductory level (I majored long time ago in mathematics and took some physics courses at the university but it was a long time ago and never practiced since). People seemed to recommend "Newtonian mechanics" often...
  49. sahilmm15

    Intro Math Introductory Math Textbooks for gaining insight into the subject

    What are good books for learning about math? Not textbooks, but books that provide insight into mathematical phenomena.
  50. fluidistic

    Where/how do you buy your STEM textbooks?

    What the title reads. Ebooks count. Do you buy used textbooks too? Personally, I usually try to get a PDF/djvu file of a book I am interested in (and/or simply skim through it via Google book if possible). If I like it, I check its price on Amazon, buy it if it is cheap (I take into account...