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Schools Oregon State University - Engineering and Physics

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    I searched the board but i didnt find a lot of information concerning this school. i am considering going there as they

    1. have an engineering physics program (not accredited)
    2. are doing several things in the field of nanotechnology and alternative energy.
    3. have a Land, Sea, Air, and Space Grant.
    4. have an initative program to be in the TOP 25 ( http://engr.oregonstate.edu/top25/ [Broken] ) of the nations engineering programs.
    5. have accepted me for admission :approve:

    are there any graduates from this school on the board? anyone familiar with the program or school?

    (other schools i am considering are UC Davis, Berkeley,and Santa Cruz for MechEng, Eng Phys, and Applied Phys, respectively) i know these are better schools, but not necessarily better for me ( "me"[/URL] ).

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    Ivan Seeking and I are both grads in Physics from OSU and both of us still live in the area. My degree is now 30years old so most (all?) of my profs are retired or dead. I worked as a technician for the Physics department after graduation, In all I spend nearly 15yrs (74-88) as a student or employee at OSU.

    I liked it. The programs are solid and the profs are good. (within the normal variation of course :smile: ) The OSU campus is beautiful and pretty well laid out. It is big enough that you may need a bike to get between classes if you are unfortunate enough to have successive classes at the opposite ends of the campus. Generally that is not a problem as the core buildings are centrally located.

    Corvallis is still a pretty small town (~50,000) which can be a plus or minus depending on what you are looking for. It is about 60miles from the coast and 80miles from the Cascade Mountains, so you have a lot of recreational opportunities.
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    thank you very much for your input. im hoping ivan will weigh in also.

    when you were there, had they implemented the engineering physics program, and did you have any contact with ppl in this program? if so, how was the interface between the engineering and physics departments?
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