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Orifice place to limit pressure after regulator

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    I am working on a project and having an issue that I just ran into. I want the user to be able to regulate pressure from 0-60 psig max. When I start specifying the pressure regulators, found that they're sold with maximum outlet range either 0-50 psig and 0-100 psig. so I figured to get the 0-100 psig. I don't want the user to be able go above 60 psig, even with the regulator set at max (100 psi).

    I was just looking at different orifice plates, but I have not used them before, so you had a similar experience, please let me know.

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    Check with the manufacturer. Many regulators have methods of limiting delivery pressure within the operating range.
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    Thanks Travis_King, I will check them today and see.

    Update: All set, found one that's adjustable. Thanks
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