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Homework Help: Oscillations of air-track glider

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    A 160 g air-track glider is attached to a spring with spring constant 4.40 N/m. The damping constant due to air resistance is 2.40×10−2 kg/s. The glider is pulled out 23.0 cm from equilibrium and released.

    How many oscillations will it make during the time in which the amplitude decays to e^-1 of its initial value?

    I have no clue how to approach this problems except that
    but how can I fin that amount of oscillations?
    I'm confused and the dead lines in an hour
    please help!
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    The damped oscillator equation for x(t) has a decaying exponential part and an oscillatory part (sine or cosine). You need both parts to do this problem.

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