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Other means of quantum teleportation.

  1. Mar 5, 2012 #1
    I've be looking up research on Quantum Teleportation and after reading a discussion about it, it had me wondering. If it might be impossible, in some eyes, to have the information scanned from a human being and then send it to the desired location, would it be possible instead to step away from teleporting and try re-creating a black hole in which the desired object is then placed, so to say, inside it and sent somewhere else?
    --Such as opening a rift in space/time that opens elsewhere?

    This is just a thought I had and I'm open to all statements concerning it.

    **If I happened to post this in the wrong location, may someone please place it in the appropriate forum.
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    BeaniBot, Welcome to Physics Forums.

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    and scroll down to "Overly Speculative Posts". They are prohibited here in the General Physics area. I'm fairly sure if your science fiction proposals are "overly speculative". Our Monitors and Mentors will decide.
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