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Our education aims at creating clerks, not bosses.

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    I have seen that we always have intense curiosity but education kills it by forcing information on us. It makes us tension freaks. There are a thousand ways I can think of to make the education better but why aren't they applied? They are so basic that I don't see why anyone would have a problem w/ that. Such as...at the end of each year, you give an easy exam which a summary of everything I've learned since I started the school. Movies like Accepted and Step up really points out how I think.
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    i like a challenge.
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    Really? I've never felt this way at all. Education has provided me with lots of information so that I have a more well-rounded understanding of things and can really see what fields suit me best. No tension here.

    You have a thousand ideas that you keep to yourself and you wonder why they aren't applied?

    Also, things likely aren't quite as simple as you think. There are people who study education and test things out and they get their ideas implemented. Plus, you are one person in a very large group of people to be educated. Everyone is so different that they can't simply cater to one group of people -- they have to go with what works best overall for the given population.
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    If the purpose of education is to make smarter citizens,
    and if methods exist which are better at making smarter citizens such as actually increasing one's IQ and giving them a genuine love for learning that they do on their own,
    and if everyone wants to make things better, then such things should already be implemented, well the fact that they aren't means one or more of these premise is false...I know from personal experience studying some of the best educational methods in the world that the second premise is true which means either the purpose of education isn't to make smarter citizens but perhaps more docile citizens or only more knowledgeable citizens not more intelligent citizens which to that i guess i would say that there's a lot more to thinking than what we know, or not everyone wants to see things get better or at least see others get better than what they had to go through in school or maybe why should they bother to fight the old system when there's nothing directly in it for them, or perhaps most people just aren't thinkers and can't handle any forms of real thinking other than memorization, not everyone wants to be an athlete either in which case everyone would probably be better off studying what they wanted and just getting a taste for every aspect of education.
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    Yes, it does. We are only allowed to think freely at the expense of our monetary and social life and most times the cause of our death. We must kill, discourage, despise, demonize, and outcast that Human that thinks too much, for it will destroy the political and petty commercial slave system. And, if it threatens to bestow new and great knowledge among us we must not try to comprehend it, because the great book and the mighty t.v. is the source of all that is true.

    That's the way we are taught to think and act.
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    Are you being sarcastic? Because that's not at all how I see society/education.
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    What's with the cynicism over thinking? Either I missed the point of this thread or I don't get the point. So accurate information about a subject is a burden to you? What do you want them to do? Clear the records away and have people decide for themselves the causes of things? I've never seen either of those movies so I don't see what you're getting at.
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