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Overcoming a Strict NAT to Play Xbox Live

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    I live in an apartment where the internet and cable have been included in the apartment rent and as such the internet is on a network that has a strict Network Access Translation. As a result I cannot play my xbox live. (BTW, my xbox is hooked directly to an ethernet port and not my own wireless router). I was reading some suggestions by xbox on there technical help website and they said that the network administrator would have to open up several ports or perform some type of port forwarding. I contacted the network provider and they refused. I was wondering if there is a way around this so that I can play xbox live, such as, tunneling? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Get them to make your IP a DMZ
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    Here's something you could look into:

    Buy a router with a built in VPN client, then get a VPN Service, plug the router into your ethernet port by the WAN Connection, initiate the VPN... any LOCAL clients e.g. XBOX should tunnel everything over the VPN and not through your providers ports.
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